Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Dear Meredith the mental health worker

Dear Meredith,

Fuck I have had a long, long, long life, so many life lessons learned, so many missed but the opportunity is there if I take it if I want to but then one wonders ‘what is the point of all these lessons? Why do we need them at all, can’t take them with us so Why?

Because ladies and gentlemen it ENHANCES your current state of being, become at one with all that you need to and then die before while or after you are ready. Nobody dies before their time, they just die and that was that. Their time.

NOW YOU need to experience what YOU want to out of life, it’s your place to do this nobody else can make this decision.

Miss Meredith, you are simultaneously lovely and a pain in the arse. How can this be?

I can imagine you hunting me down like a fox, but apparently for my own good. Alas my dear I am no rabbit, I am also a fox, a slyer quicker and daintier fox who can outsmart you easily lest you try.

If it must end that way it will, you know? We will have a Waltzing matilda scenario on our hands – Im the swagman and you’re the ship, but I can’t go on the monopoly board with you, you understand me? I am a free spirit and that is the end of that. NOTHING will prevent the inevitable, NOTHING and the fact that you are automatically applying algebra to that sentence shows your lack of insight. The world isn’t made of maths or I wouldn’t survive in it hey, 1+1= go fuck yourself after all. So Leo made a movie but in the end he lost –lets forget that bit, not that movie in that one he went down with the ship, literally, no in the OTHER movie he was the cunning fox and if we scrap the part about the ending then we wont have to worry about the flying men catching us. Once a jolly swagperson temporarily halted by a water source, under the shade of an indigenous species of eucalypt treeeeeee….. as he or she sang as he or she watched as he or she waited by that water source…. With your consenting adult permission will you come perambulating round the dance floor with Meeeeeeee.

I wonder right now if they are coming, the policeman? I feel like I want to run and hide away but I know it’s not real, nothing is real. You aren’t talking to me after all (thank goodness) so how would the policeman know? ESP? Nope not feasible. Run rabbit run rabbit just in case, I would but I can’t find my keys. The keys to the Car you might ask? NOoooo the keys to the gun safe, what do you fucking think my dear!? Although either might do in a point of crisis one would imagine, I wonder if there is an imaginary crisis then are imaginary keys going to suffice???? I THINK NOT.

The end, must love you and leave u now but if the phone rings or I see a coppa Im gunna give em a fuckin whoppa. Love always, Swaglady

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