Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Bipolar Bites

So today is one of those up down around the fucking corner type days. All and nothing at the same time. Sigh. I really can’t keep doing this.

NE ways, I was sort of attempting to snooze when I had a brilliant idea. I would like to organise that when I kick that infamous bucket someone sets up a foundation charity thingy in my name called: “Bipolar bites.”
Kind of a support network for sufferers and families etc – I know there is already plenty of that stuff around but I like the name (LOL) and was thinking it could be a local / internet based thing? Perhaps involving an online forum / blog role support – I know those are the places I have found the most REAL and UNPREJUDICED support when I have really needed it.

So, details as follows:

·         The logo: apple with bite out of it – as in the whole Isaac Newton what goes up must come down theory. – Like the tattoo, the tree of life winding through the apple to remind us that what comes down eventually grows up again. ((random thought- there is computer data stuff (technical term) called bytes… apple makes computers…. coincidence??))

  Ahem, back to business…


·         Tag line along the lines of:

Bi Polar Bites.

Support for those living with Newtons curse.


I wonder if any business / foundation / general ideas I have will ever go beyond name, tag line and logo… SERIOUSLY will somebody PLEASE open a lawn turf company named

 The other side lawn turf company”

Where the grass is always greener…

“A Load of Bull” – for all your livestock transportation needs…

Ahem, I will leave it right there – some ppl reading that would be groaning having heard those two for the millionth time and I am getting off topic yet again.

So anyways, I think it would be great to have some sort of positive thing left behind from all this and yes, I can hear my Psychologists voice in my head suggesting that I just stick around and do it myself to see the outcome but realistically we both know I am generally incapable of finishing what I start, so this is a more likely way of insuring that it actually happens.

Ok I will work on finding out what’s involved in foundation making and follow up accordingly, unless of course I lose interest, or I forget.

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