Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Organisation is currently, the hardest part of this whole mentally unstable suicidally minded thing,

I have been a compulsive list writer for as long as I can remember, many a list of all the ‘brilliant’ ideas and plans and to do’s and how to’s has been cultivated via the unable to sleep must write this down RIGHT NOW in list format in the wee hours of the morning.

Now though, I have So much to organise, So. Very. Much. I am just so tired that I simply can’t be bothered to sort out anything at all. Part of me just doesn’t care anymore, I figure I still have the best part of a year, and knowing how this goes I will have boundless energy again at some point, I just don’t know if when that energy strikes that I will be able to focus to the task or I will be designing that laser tag course again.

Pah! Laser tag, I was hell bent on that. God I’m stupid. I can’t believe TBH still has the patience to listen to my crap and smile, nod and gently re direct me again, since the poor guy has to do it continuously.

Speaking of staying focused.  Must prioritise and organise the important things first, insurance for example, sort out paperwork into a filing system that actually makes sense to other people so they can find stuff. Gotta make sure kid 4 can read, I don’t trust the school and once she starts the boys will be able to help her. So many letters to write. Names, address’s, phone numbers to consolidate – Christmas card lists to make, at least there will be 12mnths for them to figure out Christmas the next year, should be right by then. Teaching someone to give a damn about the garden, worked hard on that and would like it to go on after me. A really big one is sorting out the post timing for 365, that’s critical to the plan.  

So much to do, too overwhelming. Kids occupied with technology, Nap time for me. Bye now.

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